Carlton Savage

Guitarist, Music Producer, Composer and Guitar Instructor

Carlton Savage Music Player   

3rd Annual Jazz Legacy Foundation Gala Hampton Roads Convention Center


Carlton first picked up the guitar in 1965 and played his first gig at age 11. In 1973 he recorded his first album with the Equatics. Then in 1977 Carlton relocated to Atlanta to tour and record with Clarence Carter, famous for recording Patches, Slip Away and the novelty song Strokin, and a string of other hit songs. After leaving Atlanta in the late 70s it was off to Nashville, TN. There he worked the local club scene and the recording studios by day as a guitarist and background vocalist. During the 80s, Carlton moved back to Virginia where he continued to study the guitar on his own. Inspired by the ground breaking instructional written by Joe Pass, Savage began to look at the guitar from a whole different angle.  The Joe Pass series coupled with the Nashville experience proved to be invaluable resources to draw from. There were many local gigs at the time and this gave Carlton the opportunity to hone his skills.

     In 1989, Carlton decided to formalize his musical education. Because of his trial and error experience he chose the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where he enrolled in GIT the Guitar Institute of Technology founded by the great Howard Roberts.  There he studied harmony, theory, sight-reading, fingerboard harmony, single string technique, chord melody and improvisation. It was indeed a wonderful and intense experience. There, Savage studied with the phenomenal Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, Norman Brown, Dave Pozzi, Jeff Berlin, Peter Sprague, Ron Eschete, as well as many outstanding visiting players and students from all over the globe.  At graduation, Carlton received an Honors Certificate as well as the Outstanding Stylist Award and was presented a new Gibson ES335 from the Gibson company.

     Recently, Carlton has worked with many international recording artists: Ronnie Laws, Bob Baldwin, David “Pic” Conley of the group Surface, Jean Carne, Bobby Lyle, Angela Bofill, Gerald Veasley, Phil Perry, Jackiem Joyner, Paul Taylor, Richard Elliott, Tom Brown, Kim Waters, Unam, The Unifics, the late David Williams (Michael Jackson/Madonna), Cindy Bradley, Euge Groove, Peter White and the list goes on.

     During his career, Carlton has worked on several studio projects and demos: The Fuzz Band (Without Bounderies/Collision), Olivia (Olivia) J Records 1st recording artist, Martin Blockson (The Other Side Of Blue/Everything Under The Sun/When She Smiles/Excursion), As-1 (Infinite Highway) co-producer and writer, David “Pic”Conley (Bird Of Paridise), House and Sinnett Band (Jae Sinnett’s Old School Loyalty), and Jackiem Joyner on the smooth jazz hit “Waiting For You”. These are just a few of the performers that have called on Mr. Savage’s services.

     Today, Carlton is still performing, teaching, writing and producing music. He still remains a life long student of the guitar and music.

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